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There is no question about it – family law cases can be very stressful. Therefore, it is important to resolve your issues successfully and without delay, so that you can move forward feeling happy, confident and ready to enjoy the new days to come.

My name is Jonathan W. Fein and I have over 25 years of family law experience. I deeply understand the difficulty that comes with family law cases. I went through a divorce myself and am now happily remarried.

My goal is to achieve fair, right and reasonable results so that you can move forward successfully with what you are entitled to, ready and prepared to begin your family’s new life in a positive frame of mind. I ensure that my clients’ rights are protected as efficiently as possible, in and out of court, because you have better uses for your money than to pay attorney’s fees.

I have experience with most family law issues including complex asset division, divorce, support and custody. The common thread running through every area of my practice is the importance of working toward settlement. That way YOU have control over the process and can tailor the results to the needs of your family. The alternative – going to court – means that a busy judge, who does not know you personally, will make significant and long-lasting decisions about the most important things in your life. However, when it is necessary to go to court, my experience and the clear, effective way I present and argue the issues have resulted in very successful outcomes.

Effective and Efficient Communication

The key to my approach is effective, efficient and respectful communication. The paperwork I prepare for judges is brief and to-the-point. This significantly reduces the time and stress involved in resolving my cases. When you work with me, you will work directly with me. I strive to return all calls and emails within 24 hours. I will keep you informed of exactly what is going on in the case, and will always give you my best advice. Instead of telling clients what they want to hear, I tell them how things actually are, so they can make sound decisions. This approach has yielded substantial success in more than two decades of practice, and I am ready to apply it in your case.

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